Friday, 28 March 2014

New additions to our Bockingford® Watercolour Paper range

Bockingford® is a beautiful English watercolour paper, traditionally made on a cylinder mould machine at St Cuthberts Mill. This is a high quality paper made using pure materials to archival standards.

Bockingford® is an extremely popular and affordable watercolour paper. We have expanded our range of pads and spirals to suit all artists needs. Below is a brief introduction to our exciting new range of Bockingford® pads and spirals.

Bockingford Pads and Spirals are now available in CP(NOT), HP and Rough surfaces.

A New A4 size is also now available! A4 / Size 297mmx210mm.

New Bockingford Rough Pads

New Bockingford Blocks.

The all new Bockingford Block! Available in CP(NOT), HP and Rough surfaces, this glued block will make life easier especially when painting 'plein air'. There is no need to soak and stretch, and each sheet will dry flat! 

Available in:
White, CP(NOT), HP and Rough surfaces, 12 sheets. 

In sizes: 
12" x 9" (310 x 230mm), 
14" x 10" (360 x 260mm),
16" x 12" (410 x 310mm).

Bockingford Block

Bockingford Panoramic Pads

Fantastic for landscape sketches and washes. This pad has a unique selling point all of its own! 

Available in:
White, CP(NOT), 300gsm (140lb)
Size: 350mmx130mm. (14"x15").

Bockingford Panoramic Pads

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Friday, 14 March 2014

Paper for Everyone

St Cuthberts Mill prides itself on creating paper's for every artists requirements. We're often asked whether any of our products are suitable for individuals who have Vegan principles.
The answer is 'Yes'! We have a range of vegan-friendly papers, they are:

For more information contact us:

Friday, 7 March 2014

Bockingford® Inkjet Fine Art Inkjet Paper

Bockingford® Inkjet is the answer for artists who wish to create their own limited edition prints. Fantastic prints can be reproduced to look like the original, when using a good inkjet printer.
Artists familiar with the original Bockingford® watercolour paper will recognise the same beautiful surface on Bockingford® Inkjet. It is made in the same time-honoured fashion as Bockingford® watercolour paper using a traditional mould machine. Unlike some fine art inkjet papers, Bockingford® Inkjet has an ink receptive coating on both sides of the sheet, allowing limited edition books and portfolios to be created. An inexpensive fine art inkjet paper, with a double sided coating.

 Available in sizes below:

20 Sheets190g/m²WhiteCP(NOT)A4    210mm x 297mm
 190g/m²WhiteCP(NOT)A3+  330mm x 483mm
Now also available in rolls too! Contact us for details! email: