Thursday, 16 April 2015

St Cuthberts Mill visits Jealous Gallery and Print Studio!

Our Quality Apprentice Nicola Dobson was kindly invited to stay with John Purcell (John Purcell Paper) last week in London. Nicola was introduced to the world of printmaking by visiting an extensive array of printmakers. 

Jealous Gallery and Print Studio

Nicola and John were given an extensive tour by Nick at the Jealous Studio. He took them through the whole process that they go through with their artists. Nick also stated that they use a vast amount of St Cuthberts papers, as they are delighted with the range of papers on offer. During the tour they spoke with some of the printers who were working with the 650gm² Somerset paper.

'Riot' by Ceal Warnants

The printmakers said how much they used Somerset and stated that it took the inks really well. It is ideal for prints with large areas of ink as it is heavier and so less likely to cockle under a large inked area. 

Print by Ceal Warnants

“Jealous is a very trendy company and it was quite different than the other studios we visited. They started off with one press on one floor of their building and have now expanded into the whole of the building. They work with a lot of artists including street artists. Nick told me that they have been so busy that they are not taking any new commissions now for 6 weeks. They specialise in screenprinting and digital printing and they also do a hybrid of the two. If a print requires a lot of colours they will often start by doing a digital print and finish with some screen printing on top. Otherwise is it very costly. The gallery on the ground floor displays some of their prints and a huge amount were on Somerset paper.” Nicola Dobson, St Cuthberts Mill.

More of Nicola’s London visit coming soon!

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

A Winter Road - A watercolor by Erik Lundgren

An excellent watercolour demonstration by Erik Lundgren.
Painted with cobalt blue and burnt sienna (and Quinacridone Coral for the sticks) 
on Saunders Waterford 140lb (300gsm) paper.