Friday, 22 July 2016

The Art Academy London

THE ART ACADEMY Graduate Show 2016 brought together work by talented emerging artists from their Fine Art DiplomaFine Art Foundation & Certificate courses, which showcased a wealth of contemporary approaches and media. 

Clifford Burt and Head of Print Sue Corke

St Cuthberts Mill was proud to sponsor a paper prize for the graduate show. Along with the other judges, Clifford Burt, of RK Burt & Co chose the winning image on behalf of St Cuthberts Mill. We are delighted to announce that the winner was Seema Manchada, for her series of carborundum prints of Cranes. Congratulations Seema!

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Millford paper

Millford watercolour paper is produced by St. Cuthberts paper mill as a replacement to the old 'Whatman' paper originally used by JMW turner. Turner’s impassioned, brisk, wet in wet methods, of creating watercolours were made feasible by using heavily sized linen papers made by Whatman after 1800. Turner’s way of working required a paper that could withstand a vast amount of abuse. Millford paper is designed with such methods of working in mind.

Millford paper is cotton based and hard-sized. The unique chemistry at the wet end of the mill’s mould machine is what gives the paper its finest qualities, without the need for adding any extra elements at the size press.

The fact that Millford is ‘hard-sized’ means that water/pigments will sit for much longer on the surface than softer sized papers. This will enable the user to play around with washes for a much greater length of time to create a myriad of exciting effects.

Millford is everything Whatman was and much more!

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'Whatman is a registered trademark of GE Healthcare Companies'