Thursday, 29 May 2014

TH Saunders 1855 Sample Book

Thomas Harry Saunders (19 September 1813, London - 5 February 1870, Dartford), is usually known as T.H. Saunders. He was a British paper-maker known especially for his watermarks.

T.H.Saunders & Co were important suppliers of postage stamps and banknotes to many countries in Europe, the British Empire and South AmericaT.H.Saunders' name is still a registered trademark for drawing and watercolour paper, now produced as Saunders Waterford paper at St Cuthberts Mill.

TH Saunders 1855 Paper Manufacturer

The TH Saunders Sample Book we have at St Cuthberts Mill is the only one left in existence! It originates from 1855 and is filled with a wide variety of paper samples from that time. The book also has some intricate lettering designs and incredible watermarks. See below for some fantastic examples.....

Banco Espanol - Spanish Bank Watermark

Mr TH Saunders Paper Manufacturer London

TH Saunders 1853 London Watermark

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