St Cuthberts Mill are experts in manufacturing high quality artists papers. Our accomplished papermakers carefully make professional mould made papers, using one of the few remaining cylinder mould machines left in the world.

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Tuesday, 16 December 2014


St Cuthberts Mill maintains the beautiful British countryside
where the mill is situated. Green fields, quiet country lanes
and abundant wildlife surround the mill.

• The River Axe, which supplies the mill with water, is
 naturally very clean (the water’s properties are very
 constant because St Cuthberts Mill is close to the water’s

• St Cuthberts Mill returns the clean water to the river having
 removed all solids and papermaking additives.

• Trout live beside the mill in the River Axe. The water around
 the mill carries the highest level of classifi cation for
 cleanliness and biodiversity.

Raw Materials
• Wood is only used from sustainable sources.

• No rainforests harmed in the making of our paper.

• Pulp is oxygen bleached and Elemental Chlorine Free.

• Cotton linters come from the by-product of the textile

• All materials are screened in the mill to ensure minimal
 environmental effect.

Waste Handling
• We reuse or recycle as much as possible.

Local Wildlife
• Ducks in the ponds, trout in the river, heron, pheasant,
 buzzards, foxes, badgers, roe deer and rabbits. 

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