Friday, 21 August 2015

St Cuthberts Mill - Inkjet (Giclée) Papers

Bockingford Inkjet Paper

Bockingford Inkjet is the answer for artists who wish to create their own limited edition prints. Fantastic prints can be reproduced to look like the original, when using a good inkjet printer.

Artists familiar with the original Bockingford watercolour paper will recognise the same beautiful surface on Bockingford Inkjet. It is made in the same time-honoured fashion as Bockingford watercolour paper using a traditional mould machine.

Unlike other artist inkjet papers, Bockingford Inkjet has an ink receptive coating on both sides of the sheet, allowing limited edition books and portfolios to be created.

Somerset Photo Paper

Somerset Photo is made from 100% cotton linters. Linters contain a very high percentage of alpha cellulose, the purest form of cellulose. It is made on a traditional mould machine, using natural woollen felts to impart a delicate texture to the surface of the sheet.

The resultant sheet has a high whiteness value, without resorting to excessive use of optical brightening agents.

Somerset Photo is a 300gsm bright white, genuine mould made paper designed for use in the photographic and fine art markets. It is only available in a satin finish, this is a subtly textured smooth finish that will reveal the finest detail while retaining the look and feel of a photographic or fine art paper. The paper is buffered with calcium carbonate, giving the sheet archival properties that will aid in combating acid attack from airborne pollutants, this means the paper colour is stable and will not fade. 

Somerset Enhanced Paper

This paper is 100% rag (cotton), acid free, coated on one side & radiant white. Feels like uncoated cotton paper, yet prints like coated paper. It is specially formulated for inkjet printers such as Iris, Colourspan and Epson. Check suitability for your printer model. Somerset Enhanced is available in 225gsm and 255gsm weights, and is available in 3 surfaces, Textured, Velvet or Satin.

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