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Thursday, 13 August 2015

The addition of a ‘High White’ shade to our Saunders Waterford range has complemented the original range of ‘White’ papers, with a new whiter shade that’s much brighter.

The ‘High White’ shade was introduced after requests from professional artists who were searching for a whiter shade of watercolour paper, without compromising on quality that only a professional grade watercolour paper like Saunders Waterford can offer.

The base colour of the paper shows through the transparent washes of watercolour, and the original ‘White’ shade of Saunders Waterford could affect the paints.  With the new ‘High White’ shade the paint pigments will appear more vivid, with a bolder tone, giving the whole painting a more contemporary appearance.

With watercolour, the purist will only achieve the lightest highlights by using the papers original colour (either by colour lifting or with masking fluid).  The ‘High White’ paper will now give these highlights a cleaner, fresher glow, enhancing the contrast between the lightest and darkest points of the composition.

A whiter sheet will make finished paintings more contemporary looking, as artists have commented that they felt the original white colour created a more antique look to their finished compositions.

Whiteness Values

The original Saunders Waterford White
Tappi 77% (in the area of)

Saunders Waterford High White
Tappi 90%

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