Friday, 24 November 2017

TH Saunders – Paper Manufacture, Sample Book 1855

We are delighted to announce that our historical TH Saunders Sample Book dating back from 1855, will be heading to a museum for future preservation and conservation. The book in question contains a huge variety of intricate watermarks and paper samples. Over time these have become somewhat delicate, making it even more important to save this remarkable piece of papermaking history.

Mark Cropper, CEO of the papermakers, James Cropper PLC at Burnside Mill in Cumbria, is heading this project. The Cropper Foundation is a charitable body that will preserve historical artefacts stemming from the papermaking world. Alongside the TH Saunders book, we will be donating a variety of deckles and moulds for handmade paper, and a selection of woollen felts. Our neighbours at Wookey Hole Caves and Mill will also be donating items .

The following images were taken from inside this incredible book of historic paper samples and watermarks by TH Saunders.

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