Thursday, 18 January 2018

Dandy Roll Watermarks

We have a unique collection of Fourdrinier watermarks in our new boardroom. Our current PM2 mould machine was a Fourdrinier machine up until the 1980’s, after this time it was converted into the mould machine it is today. To create watermarks Fourdrinier’s use what are known as Dandy Roll’s, with the watermark presented on each separate roll. The watermarks displayed in our boardroom were all taken from these old Dandy Roll’s. 

'Hang Seng' Bank watermark

The ‘Hang Seng’ Bank watermark would have been used on our previous machine PM1, and on PM2 as a Dandy Roll. Our papermakers couldn’t read Chinese so were unable to figure out which way round the watermark should go. The answer came by visiting a local Chinese takeaway, who were more than helpful in reading which way round the watermark should go!

 We hope you enjoy viewing more of these exceptional watermarks.

*PM1 & PM2 (Paper Machine 1 & 2)*

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