Thursday, 18 December 2014

'Printmaking Today' Magazine

Printmaking Today Magazine! Following a visit to the mill by Jane Waterhouse (artist), Jane has written an awesome article about St Cuthberts Mill in this edition. 

Such a great title for the article too - 'Paper Saints'! Head out and get a copy guys, It's brilliant! !

Printmaking Today - Volume 23, 2014, Issue 4 WINTER edition. 

Tuesday, 16 December 2014


St Cuthberts Mill maintains the beautiful British countryside
where the mill is situated. Green fields, quiet country lanes
and abundant wildlife surround the mill.

• The River Axe, which supplies the mill with water, is
 naturally very clean (the water’s properties are very
 constant because St Cuthberts Mill is close to the water’s

• St Cuthberts Mill returns the clean water to the river having
 removed all solids and papermaking additives.

• Trout live beside the mill in the River Axe. The water around
 the mill carries the highest level of classifi cation for
 cleanliness and biodiversity.

Raw Materials
• Wood is only used from sustainable sources.

• No rainforests harmed in the making of our paper.

• Pulp is oxygen bleached and Elemental Chlorine Free.

• Cotton linters come from the by-product of the textile

• All materials are screened in the mill to ensure minimal
 environmental effect.

Waste Handling
• We reuse or recycle as much as possible.

Local Wildlife
• Ducks in the ponds, trout in the river, heron, pheasant,
 buzzards, foxes, badgers, roe deer and rabbits. 

Saturday, 13 December 2014

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Monday, 1 December 2014

Facebook Cover Image Winners

Big thank you to all who entered our Facebook Cover Competition!

The lucky winners are:

1. Jocelyn Roberts
2. Edo Hannema
3. Jill Griffin
4. Mo Awkati
5. Carol Davidson
6. Mai-Britt Schultz
7. Sara Glendinning 
8. Chris Turner
9. Judith Crown
10. Mick McAndrews

Please could each of you email 2 images of your work (jpg format) to Kim Lintern -  
Email: Also make sure to include your web address, facebook page details and a short description of your work.

Each artists work will be used as our facebook cover image for a period of two weeks. And run consecutively in the order listed above.

Again a massive thank you and we cannot wait to see your work!